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''I am really happy that i have found your service this really took the stress off a train to figure out where old subscriptions were to get them cancelled it also took a little effort from me to find some old credit cards and subscriptions but it really works they were able to find a subscription that i was not able to find and got it cancelled there goes $50 a month.''

Robert - Maxwell, IA - February 26th 2021

''I am very satisfied with your service. you are a godsend!!! i will definitely recommend you to others. thank you so much!''

Ronni Lynn - Webster, NY - February 25th 2021

''I was very pleased with your service. you kept me up to date every step of the way. some people might not have a problem canceling certain things by there self and there is people like me that don't like to hear all the high pressures of trying to keep you as a customer. promising to make your bill lower put your account on pause the list goes on and on. then you get off the phone after being on the phone 30 minutes and still, didn't do what you set out to do cancel their service. i accidentally came across your service, i read what they were about and thought i will give them a try and sure enough, they did what they say they would do, and when the process started they were there every step of the way. i just wish that someone could come up a way to do this on spam calling and telemarketers. thanks again for your service''

James - Culloden, WV - February 25th 2021

''Many thanks for enabling me to cancel my annual subscription. i was having great difficulty in doing so.''

Elizabeth - Woolwich, Australia - February 23rd 2021

''The service provided by your service was effective, efficient, thorough, and as promised.''

Michael - Ft. Meyers, FL - February 17th 2021

''You are god sent, mine recommendation will be told and sent to everyone in abide as i was. thank you very much!''

Cleo - Pineville, LA - February 11th 2021

''Thank you for being a great honest, customer friendly and responsive company with greet employees. very rare these days. hope your future is bright for this much needed service. thank you!''

John - La Crosse, VA - February 5th 2021

''I am very pleased with the service supplied by your company. the current account cancelled is the third i have had to have your assistance and have been satisfied each time. thank you.''

Andrew - Loughborough, UK - February 4th 2021

''I tried to cancel this online scam by calling these crooks. they were very nice on the phone and agreed to terminate my account, but they just immediately stole another $49 out off my visa card!! your service ended this nightmare queickly. ''

Jerry - Amarillo, TX - February 4th 2021

''Your service provides an essential service in today's world of unequal wealth and power where corporate greed drives evasive, penny-pinching gouge tactics that scale up to untold millions each year for companies with high-volume cash flows. don't get caught up in expensive, off-the-record delay tactics that conceal corporate theft in the form of unwanted extensions of pre-existing services that are no longer being rendered. cut them off at the knees with your service!''

David - San Diego, CA - February 4th 2021


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