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''Got in touch with your service to help me cancel a subscription, paid a small admin fee and within a few days they got the subscription cancelled and also got me a refund. i would recommend your service if youneed help to stop subscriptions.''

Mark - Nottingham, UK - November 10th 2021

''I am pleased with the service that i received from your service. it was prompt and erased the concern that i had that i could continue to be billed for services that i hadn't subscribed to and did not need. the amount that i was improperly charged is being refunded.''

Vincent - Surrey, CA - October 26th 2021

''I have used your service several times in past years and it really keeps me on track with credit card charges that show up month after month due to my negligence. i get hooked into subscriptions to products and services and forget to cancel, or have difficulty cancelling. your service makes it easy for me. a one-time incidental charge for their services.''

Lucille - Aptos, CA - October 14th 2021

''Thank you very much!''

Annette - Terryville,CT - October 13th 2021

''Thank you!!''

Linda - Mt. Olive, AL - October 13th 2021

''Thank you ever so much. you do some wonderful work.''

Sarah - Williamstown, MA - October 6th 2021

''Thank you very much!!!!''

Joe - Lowell, MA - September 30th 2021

''Your service, thank you so much i am very happy with your service, i'll use it again if i have to and i will recommended it to my friend's.''

Milagros - Bridgeport, CT - September 24th 2021

''I am very pleased and happy with your prompt and efficient services. thank you very much!''

Karen - Petaluma, CA - September 17th 2021

''Thank you so very much! i had tried to cancel this myself without any luck. i am very appreciative of the speed with which you were able to accomplish this. thanks again!''

Susan - Fayette, IA - September 16th 2021


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